Launched in 2010, the HBGC Mentorship Program initially started through a partnership with MIT’s Rainbow Lounge.  In 2011, the program expanded beyond MIT students to serve any student between the ages of 16-21 looking for guidance from an LGBTQ mentor of color.

The HBGC Mentorship Program is currently in its third wave, with eleven mentor pairings.  The next wave of mentor pairings will be in Fall 2013.  Recruitment and trainings will begin Summer 2013. To express interest in being a mentor or mentee, please read below then contact Dee Anthony at 

Program Requirements​:


1. A degree seeking student in a 2 or 4 year college or university or currently enrolled in high school.  Individuals not enrolled in high school or a 2 or 4 year college program, may still be eligible.  Please contact for more information; 

2. If under the age of 18, able to receive written permission from a parent/guardian or caseworker;

3. Able to attend a program orientation and meet with their assigned mentor at least four times during each academic semester; and

4. Complete and return a mentee program application.



1. Willing to undergo a CORI background check;

2. LGBTQ-identified person of color with a college degree and/or professional experience;

3. Willing and able to meet with your assigned mentee at least four times during each academic semester;

4. Over the age of 21;

5. Able to attend the program’s mentor training and mentor/mentee orientation; and

6. Complete and return a mentor program application, providing at least three references

Upcoming Program Dates:


  • October 2-3: Mentor Training 

  • October 12th: HBGC Youth Empowerment Conference

  • October 15th: Mentees/Mentors are Matched

  • October 17th: Mentorship Orientation for Mentors and Mentees


ENROLL In The Program:
Download mentor application

Download mentee application

Apply online (MENTOR)

Apply online (MENTEE)