Launched in 2010, the HBGC Mentorship Program initially started through a partnership with MIT’s Rainbow Lounge.  In 2011, the program expanded beyond MIT students to serve any student between the ages of 16-21 looking for guidance from an LGBTQ mentor of color.


The program is designed to help students develop a positive LGBTQ identity while successfully adapting to academic or professional spaces.  LGBTQ mentors aim to support youth in a safe, caring, one-on-one relationship as youth work towards their personal, social, academic, career, and/or life goals.  


Mentors are required to meet with their mentee at least once a month over 6 months to works towards goals set during the program's orientation.  Mentees are also strongly encouraged to attend regularly planned social outings and professional development workshops organized for all program participants.  

The HBGC Mentorship Program is currently enrolling for its fifth cycle.  The next cycle of mentor pairings will be in February 2015.  Mentor screenings and trainings will begin January 2015. To express interest in being a mentor or mentee, please read below then contact Lubna Sequan at 

Program Requirements​:


1. Any youth 21 years of age and under in the Boston area who identifies as an LGBTQ person of color (including or beyond Black and Latin@ identities).  

2. If under the age of 18, able to receive written permission from a parent/guardian or caseworker to participate;

3. Able to attend a program orientation (February 2015) and meet with assigned mentor at least once a month for six months; and

4. Complete and return a mentee program application.



1. Willing to undergo a CORI background check;

2. LGBTQ-identified person of color over the age of 25;

3. Living in the Boston area and plans to stay located in the Boston area during the entire year of 2015. 

4. Willing and able to meet with your assigned mentee at least once per month for at least six months (starting in February 2015). 

5. Able to attend the program’s mentor trainings (January 2015) and mentor/mentee orientation (February 2015); and

6. Complete and return a mentor program application, providing at least three references


Upcoming Program Dates:
January 5, 2015
Application Deadlines

January 15

Accepted Participants Notified 


January 20

Mentor Training #1 


January 22

Mentor Training #2 


February 5

Program Orientation (Mentor & Mentees) 



ENROLL In The Program:


Please email your completed form to


Contact us if you need support completing and submitting your application by calling 617-487-4242 or emailing 


Download mentee application


Download mentor applicatiion