Renamed in 1630 by the Puritan settlers, Boston has centuries of history under its belt. For tourists who wish to know more about what makes Boston the exciting city, it is today, a walk through memory lane is in order.

this picture of Boston history tour shows the Harvard University

Boston history tours include areas and buildings steeped with tradition. From its Ivy League pride to its islands, the capital city of Massachusetts truly does not run short on great places with stories to tell. History buffs (or those who are just curious about the place) can tick off the following places for great places to visit when you want to be immersed in the history and architecture of Boston.

Visiting Boston

Harvard University

Harvard has long been the home of many Boston elite, and for good reason. This Ivy League school is famed for its great education (and a well-dressed student body!) A trip to Harvard offers a good look at its architecture and youthful energy. The main campus is located at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Spend an afternoon here just people watching to relax or soak up the campus’ vibrant environment.»»»» Read the rest!