If you find yourself with a free sunny day in Boston, you’ll find it best to spend this quiet time exploring the best parks it has to offer. Whether you are down for a quick stroll by the park or for a complete throwback to the famous Tea Party, Boston has many fun activities you can enjoy without wandering too far.

When you have a day in the park you can enjoy the outdoors of boston

Boston Common

Sitting at the top of a 50-acre land is America’s oldest park, the Boston Common. In the past, this place was a site for public hangings (hence the presence of a cemetery in one area). Its grassy area was also once a pasture field, now the greenery is a place where friends and families can meet and relax. A splash pool can also be found here and a cool Tadpole Playground for children making it a great place for locals and tourists with a family.»»»» Read the rest!