If you find yourself with a free sunny day in Boston, you’ll find it best to spend this quiet time exploring the best parks it has to offer. Whether you are down for a quick stroll by the park or for a complete throwback to the famous Tea Party, Boston has many fun activities you can enjoy without wandering too far.

When you have a day in the park you can enjoy the outdoors of boston

Boston Common

Sitting at the top of a 50-acre land is America’s oldest park, the Boston Common. In the past, this place was a site for public hangings (hence the presence of a cemetery in one area). Its grassy area was also once a pasture field, now the greenery is a place where friends and families can meet and relax. A splash pool can also be found here and a cool Tadpole Playground for children making it a great place for locals and tourists with a family.»»»» Read the rest!

this is an image of one of the film locations in boston

For the movie buffs out there, a trip to Boston can bring a sweet surprise. Aside from being the setting of the historic Boston Tea Party and for offering the best lobster rolls and Boston Cream Pies, the city is also a choice destination for film settings.

Awesome Film Locations in Boston

Check out these locations to recreate your favorite scenes from the movies:

Whittenton Mills Complex in Shutter Island

Start off by the shores and make your way towards the Whittenton Mills Complex. It used to be a bustling district for the textile industry but is now home to local businesses. The vintage look and calm atmosphere served as a great location to portray the Dachau camp in Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2008 film, Shutter Island.»»»» Read the rest!

Renamed in 1630 by the Puritan settlers, Boston has centuries of history under its belt. For tourists who wish to know more about what makes Boston the exciting city, it is today, a walk through memory lane is in order.

this picture of Boston history tour shows the Harvard University

Boston history tours include areas and buildings steeped with tradition. From its Ivy League pride to its islands, the capital city of Massachusetts truly does not run short on great places with stories to tell. History buffs (or those who are just curious about the place) can tick off the following places for great places to visit when you want to be immersed in the history and architecture of Boston.

Visiting Boston

Harvard University

Harvard has long been the home of many Boston elite, and for good reason. This Ivy League school is famed for its great education (and a well-dressed student body!) A trip to Harvard offers a good look at its architecture and youthful energy. The main campus is located at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Spend an afternoon here just people watching to relax or soak up the campus’ vibrant environment.»»»» Read the rest!

If you find yourself with a free day or two in Boston then indulge your palette with the best tastes the city has to offer. Massachusetts capital city is not only brimming with a bustling market and interesting history; it also offers gastronomic finds fit for everyone’s tastes.

Let the food hunt in Boston begin

A food crawl is a fun activity in Boston, after all, one of the best ways to know a city is through its cuisine. Whether you’re traveling alone, with family, or with a date, you can never go wrong with kicking off your tour by satisfying the appetite.

Boston Beans

When in Boston, do not miss its baked beans. The city is even nicknamed Beantown, so beans are a must-eat for anyone in town. It is a hearty meal filled with tasty beans which are surprisingly not baked. The beans are stewed with molasses with pork. Eat it with bread or as it is. Make way to the Chicken Lou’s Inc or The Gallows restaurant which are popular for its baked beans offerings.»»»» Read the rest!