Boston Food Crawl

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this is an image of coffee for Boston food crawl trip

If you find yourself with a free day or two in Boston then indulge your palette with the best tastes the city has to offer. Massachusetts’ capital city is not only brimming with a bustling market and interesting history; it also offers gastronomic finds fit for everyone’s tastes.

Let the food hunt in Boston begin

A food crawl is a fun activity in Boston, after all, one of the best ways to know a city is through its cuisine. Whether you’re traveling alone, with family, or with a date, you can never go wrong with kicking off your tour by satisfying the appetite.

Boston Beans

When in Boston, do not miss its baked beans. The city is even nicknamed Beantown, so beans are a must-eat for anyone in town. It is a hearty meal filled with tasty beans which are surprisingly not baked. The beans are stewed with molasses with pork. Eat it with bread or as it is. Make way to the Chicken Lou’s Inc or The Gallows restaurant which are popular for its baked beans offerings.

Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder is another favorite for locals and Boston visitors. This creamy seafood soup is well-known comfort food for people on the hunt for a tasty warm cup of goodness. It has herbs and even pork for some of the varying recipes. One can even eat their clam chowder in a bread bowl for an exciting take (makes you want to eat them while they are hot and not seeping through the bread!). Head over to the Atlantic Fish Co restaurant at Bolyston street for a good serving. This can be easy to spot as it is near the Boston Marathon’s finish line area.

Lobster Roll

Another must-eat in Boston is the Lobster Roll. This sandwich is filled with tasty lobster meat. Neptune Oyster is a go-to place for the lobster roll who served them hot with butter or cold with mayo.

this image shows a slice of cheese cake find them during Boston food crawl

Boston Cream Pie

Anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy a visit to Boston every October 23rd because it is National Boston Cream Pie Day! Although it is called a pie, it is primarily a yellow butter cake with a traditional chocolate layer. What makes the hunt for Boston Cream a sport is that one can find cakes soaked in rum syrup or coffee!

Boston Bars

Bars and pubs named Harvard’s Garden or Tavern at the End of the World speak of Boston as a fun place to hang out in even after hours. Order a pint or two and end your day with these pubs.