Boston Shopping Stops

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this picture shows one of the boston shopping stops

Most tourists would spend a day or two just looking for places to shop items to bring home to. To shake the shopping itinerary up a bit, one can schedule scheduled trips to as many shopping areas as possible. This ensures that one can visit as many stalls and merchants and compare prices and products along the way.

Here are seven places one can get great products from:

Harvard Square

With its bustling university scene, it should be no surprise for a place like Harvard to have a lively market economy in its surroundings. The Harvard Square is also teeming with great restaurants like Alden and Harlow or the Russell House Tavern. The commercial scene is also alive with shops that provide goods for the Harvard students and for people who live in the area. At the Harvard Square, be sure to check out The Pit where counterculture movements often congregate, offering a contrast among the prep style students of Harvard.

Copley Place

Along Back Bay is the shopping mall called the Back Bay. It is home to various luxury brand shops. True to its high-end design, the architecture is also spacious and bright, making it a good hang out place. This marble-clad mall is built with luxury highly considered, fitting for Boston’s affluent neighborhood.


Another great indoor mall to visit is CambridgeSide. While Copley Place is for high-end brands, CambridgeSide has many retailer brands present so it is also well visited by locals shopping for their needs. Parking is also accessible and relatively more affordable here. This is also conveniently located near the Museum of Science so anyone can visit both locations, one after the other.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is said to be one of the oldest most-significant shopping areas in Boston. This urban marketplace is a great district to shop for Boston-made trinkets. Musicians, buskers, and street performance line up this marketplace of over 100 shops and food stalls.

this image shows one of the shops in Boston

Downtown Crossing

For tourists who wish to explore the city and shop easily on foot, then the Downtown Crossing shopping area is the place to go. Just go where Washington, Winter, and Summer streets meet and you can see this Crossing. What makes this area relaxed is that is only accessible on foot as no cars can pass by, making you enjoy each step without worrying about any approaching vehicle! One of the internet’s highly praised sandwich restaurants, Sam LaGrassa’s, is also located here.