Day at the Park: Outdoors in Boston

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If you find yourself with a free sunny day in Boston, you’ll find it best to spend this quiet time exploring the best parks it has to offer. Whether you are down for a quick stroll by the park or for a complete throwback to the famous Tea Party, Boston has many fun activities you can enjoy without wandering too far.

When you have a day in the park you can enjoy the outdoors of boston

Boston Common

Sitting at the top of a 50-acre land is America’s oldest park, the Boston Common. In the past, this place was a site for public hangings (hence the presence of a cemetery in one area). Its grassy area was also once a pasture field, now the greenery is a place where friends and families can meet and relax. A splash pool can also be found here and a cool Tadpole Playground for children making it a great place for locals and tourists with a family.

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is not strictly a park, but its red brick walking paths lead to many historical places in Boston. It is also said to be one of the best things to do in Boston that do not incur any costs. Traditionally, the Freedom Trail starts at Boston Common and ends at U.S.S. Constitution and Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. This is a fun way to see Boston through the lens of history.

this image shows the fenway park one of the outdoor attractions in boston

Fenway Park

Fenway Park is not the traditional park one may be used to. It is a baseball park home to the city’s Red Sox team. Catch a game here or simply pose for a photograph. Then spot the lone red seat at the arena located at the right field bleachers which was colored in contrast to signify the area hit by the longest home run at the arena.

Emerald Necklace – Public Garden

The Emerald Necklace is a slice of land designed by with a system of parks by renowned architect Frederick Law Olmsted. It is comprised of linked parks and sits on almost half of Boston’s park area. When walking through this Necklace, be sure to stop at the Public Garden, a quaint piece of land with grown flowers and trees and Boston’s Swan Boats in the docks.

Boston Tea Party

What’s a trip to this city without getting your own taste of the Boston Tea Party? Relive the happenings of the Tea Party with The Boston Tea Party Museum located at the Congress Street Bridge. This museum features replica ships, reenactment, documentary materials, and interactive sites where one can know more about the fateful movement are done by the Sons of Liberty in 1773.