Movie Hop: Film Locations in Boston

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this is an image of one of the film locations in boston

For the movie buffs out there, a trip to Boston can bring a sweet surprise. Aside from being the setting of the historic Boston Tea Party and for offering the best lobster rolls and Boston Cream Pies, the city is also a choice destination for film settings.

Awesome Film Locations in Boston

Check out these locations to recreate your favorite scenes from the movies:

Whittenton Mills Complex in Shutter Island

Start off by the shores and make your way towards the Whittenton Mills Complex. It used to be a bustling district for the textile industry but is now home to local businesses. The vintage look and calm atmosphere served as a great location to portray the Dachau camp in Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2008 film, Shutter Island.

Harvard Square in Legally Blonde

Aside from soaking up the Ivy League energy at Harvard, you may also pose as Elle Woods at the Harvard Square. The hit film starring Reese Witherspoon featured the main character as a Harvard alum. Legally Blond aside, there are also many films and shows shot at Harvard so you can take your pick.

Murphy’s Law in Gone Baby Gone

Boston has a long list of great Irish pubs in town but Murphy’s Law at Summer St was chosen for the movie Gone Baby Gone. The film starred Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan and a charged scene at the pub including the gunman.

Public Garden in the Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams and Matt Damon shot one iconic scene at a bench at Public Garden. After William’s death, the bench even became a memorial where fans brought flowers and wrote with chalk on the floor to commemorate the actor.

this image shows one of the film locations in Boston

The South End Buttery in Spotlight

Rachel McAdams shot a scene at this lovely cafeteria at Shawmut Ave at the corner of Union Park St. It serves good food and a cozy atmosphere making it the ideal location for McAdam’s interview with one of the victims in the film. Spotlight also won an Oscar.

Bridge in Quincy in the Departed and Black Mass

Some American thrillers or action films have at least one scene at a striking bridge (or under it). The Departed, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. In one scene, Leo and his co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen can be seen arguing against the Quincy bridge’s towering backdrop.

Johnny Depp can also be seen ordering his men to bury a dead body in the grassier parts under the bridge.